Labor Day weekend...(cont.)

In regards to the Labor Day post below, I found these tips on how to dress for game day on myscoop.us [or you can just click here]. I love this list. It's so amusing to me. Although I must admit I am a little less Southern belle and a little more down-n-dirty...and I know the difference between a nickel and dime formation is not five cents.

Without further delay, here are some tips to help make the average fan look truly "fan"tastic in the stands:
  • Hair:
    • Your hair can cause you to feel about 10 degrees hotter than you actually are.The humidity itself is enough to suffocate you during early football season not to mention the traumatic effects that it has on our hair! Often times you may ask yourself why you styled, straightened or even dried your hair.Please refrain yourself from pulling a “Brittney” and shaving your head as there are alternatives to this madness. Pony tails have come a long way and they aren’t just for keeping you cool and your hair out of your face during a workout. Most styles prove to be fairly easy to re-create without the need of a personal glam squad or even a gimmicky tool such as the “Topsy Tail” that many of us invested in during our youth. Here are a few personal favorites that should be easy to recreate:
      • Side braid with pony
      • Princess Laia braids
      • Low sleek side bun
      • Low sleek pony
      • Part hair down middle and either twist or braid two strands and secure
    • One last thing to be noted is to avoid using an abundance of hair products unless you want your hair to be the venus fly trap for gnats and other pesky insects that are drawn to your hair.
  • Attire:
    • One of the difficult things about the beginning of football season is dressing for the stifling heat. In the beginning it is so extremely hot that the temp is flirting with the triple digits yet all the clothing in our favorite stores are comprised of wool and other thick materials that we will later be thankful for, but not early football season. At this point in our summer wardrobe we are tired of everything that our closet has to offer so we feel that we have nothing to wear thus putting us in a fashion rut. Learn from my mistake and whatever you do refrain as long as possible from wearing your brand new wool dress unless you want to be wiping away a “sweat stash” all day!
    • The best things to wear for the scorching heat and humidity are clothes that breathe such as light and airy fabrics. These will keep you much cooler and will not stick to your body as other thicker materials have a tendency to do. Jersey dresses and sun dresses are always a great choice. Opt for lighter colors if possible.
  • Make-Up:
    • To avoid looking like your face is sliding off go minimal on the makeup! Forgo using heavy matted powders that offer full coverage for a softer look. Your face will be perspiring and caked on powder does not fix this problem it only makes it worse as your face feels suffocated as well. A great alternative for matted powders is a tinted moisturizer. If you already have oily skin and you can’t stand the thought of going all day without powder to touch up your T-zone then switch to a lightweight translucent powder. Also, Too Faced Re-Fresh Blotting Papers from Sephora do the trick as well!
    • Leave your lipstick at home. This is going to be a personal toughie for me as I do not go to the mailbox without my bright red lips. Think about it, lipstick, alcohol and scorching temps do not mix. You do not want your picture floating around the internet of you looking like the Joker with smeared lipstick all over your face! A great alternative is a soft lip gloss with a hint of color or even a tinted lip balm. Once the cool weather rolls in you can break the lipstick back out!
  • Accessories:
    • My new favorite accessory for keeping cool during football season is not an accessory to be worn better yet it is to be held. Handheld fans are making a comeback and what better timing? If you are thinking battery powered handheld fans you are thinking wrong- think Scarlett O”Hara minus the lace or Cleopatra. Handheld fans are a great and stylish way to cool off.
    • As always hats are a great accessory to hide a bad hair day or hair that does not cooperate with the heat and humidity. The irony of a hat is that they are so easy yet at the same time hats give the appearance that you actually put forth some effort. Grab the big hat that you bought for the Kentucky Derby party. Yes, the one that you thought you would never be able to wear again. Guaranteed you will get more compliments while wearing the hat than not. Even if you don’t start out the day wearing your big hat or fedora take them and leave them in the car just in case you decide that you need them.
    • Necklaces, bracelets, earrings- these are totally up to your discretion but do keep in mind that you mind end up with some funky tan lines especially with your necklaces.
  • Shoes:
    • Never one to pass on the opportunity to wear heels it must be noted that heels are a work out, especially when it comes to trekking all over campus tail gate hopping to meet friends. When I say work out I mean a calf burning, sweat induced work out. In order to avoid walking around barefoot like Brittney at a gas station bathroom I always throw a pair of flip flops in my purse to slip on once I decide that I can’t stand the pain any longer.
  • Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate:
    • No matter what you are drinking whether it be beer or your favorite game day concoction be sure to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water! Another great way to stay refreshed is to keep a bottle of Evian misting spray in your purse. These great little bottles provide a refreshing spritz of water to your face that can rejuvenate even the warmest of fans.


Wordless Wednesday...

...sun setting on Summer and rising to Fall...


Labor Day weekend...

Ahhhh, labor day weekend. Good bye summer - hello autumn. Best time of the year for any sporty and sparkly chick. Not only do we get the pennant races of baseball, but it is also the start of the pigskin races. So much speculation during the months of September and October:
  • Who's winning the wild card race?
    • The Mets have to win the NL East the way those Brewers are playing. (Gotta shout to a former Met fave - Mike Cameron, who has been holding his own this past season despite a small setback.)
  • Who is the most overrated team in the NFL?
    • Heck, the Jets have a good chance of sneakin in the playoffs with the beefed up O-line and Favre-daddy calling the shots
  • Where are my knee-high leather boots?
    • No better day than a brisk run, then dressing in sweater, tight jeans and boots to watch College Gameday and finishing off with a Mets nightcap.
So here's to hanging up the bikini and bringing out the tweed caps and to the J-E-T-S Mets Mets Mets!