Feels like Christmas morning...

I remember on Christmas Eve, as a kid, laying awake looking at the ceiling, because I wanted to hear reindeer footsteps on the roof. Then, no sooner than I fell asleep I would wake up (still to this date the first one in the house) so early because it was finally here. The day we get to see all of our cousins, tear through presents and stuff our faces. I had that excited feeling in my belly - anticipating the aromas of cookies and ham and pine, and the hugs and laughs of the family. I wish it could be Christmas all year long...

Here I am today with that feeling again. You see, this is my birthday weekend. I don't go overboard with MY birthday (per say - although it does last a whole weekend, of course) but this year is different. My main man (3M for short) planned a whole weekend just around me! Me me me!

A little bit of butterfiles and flowers and fine dining followed up by baseball and beer. Does this man know the way to my heart or what?! So, he deserves a little bit of shameless advertising here. Visit his blog: Sal Speaks. You won't be disappointed.


Happy 8.8.08!

What a wonderful Friday evening!

The start of my blog, an Oliver Perez gem and a feel-good, safe Opening ceremony. That Lang Lang gave me goosebumps, boy, that lasted a good hour. Good for Mescall for keeping the festivities a secret!

Anyway - welcome to the portal of my mind. I thought I might as well jump on the bandwagon and try a bit of blogging for myself. I'm going to [try] to keep my profession's KISSS mantra true throughout my postings - keep it simple, sparkly and sporty! Ok, ok - so, I added the last two "s"' [what's the correct punctuation there?!] for effect, but hey - I must brand myself, too, right?!

You'll find these postings are eclectic as Elton John's sunglass collection, but that's me. I love people, sports and all things beautiful, fun and sparkly and am looking forward to sharing them with you. So, without further ado, happy reading!

A few "housekeeping" items...

Doesn't it drive you batty when someone either puts "housekeeping items" in the subject or the body of an email? Like, c'mon. Really? Housekeeping? At work? Ok, who left the mugs seeping in the communal sink again? But no, that's not what it means...at all.

Before I start getting slack about putting a Jets shot of Chad Pennington in my header, I'm gonna lay it out there. I like him. He's a great guy...and had a rough go of it in New York, but do you know what? He made it and he did it with dignity. And, he already got scooped up by another team! So much for that noodle arm, eh? Too bad his signing comes from within the AFC East, but you know I'll be rooting for him to throw 17-for-23 for 280 yards, 3 TD and 0 INT when the Dolphins lose to the Jets 24-21 in the regular season.

How stylin' was Team USA walking into the Ceremony? An eight-piece-suit by Ralph Lauren was nothing short of impressive. The RL beret is like the ROOTS beret from 2006 (with sales, marketing, etc.). Think Kanye West had any influence in that decision for sponsorship? As we all know, Ralph Lauren was borin' before he wore 'im.