Vic the quick...

One of the best parts of watching the Mets on SNY is the commentator staff. Gary, Keith and Ron are a trifecta that only Neapolitan ice cream can match (and even with that comparison, there is always one element that is fills 3/4 of the carton when the other two are licked clean...)

During today's broadcast, a foul ball was hit into one of the radio booths. The announcer tossed it down to a fan in the mezzanine level, who upon dropping it into the screen below, got booed by the loyal boo-birds aka Mets fans.

As the ball slid down the screen atop the lower level seats, the ball boy quickly ran out onto the field and scooped it up no sooner than it hit the field below the backstop. Such a motion was picked up by the crafty SNY crew and thus the moniker "Vic the Quick" was born. Love it.

Also, we can't mention Victor without giving some love to ball boy Matt, too. Three-fourths into the season and those white pants are lookin' a bit loose thanks to all the hustling throughout the year.

Geez - after proofing this I realized almost failed to mention the best, most insightful sidelines reporter of all time: Kevin Burkhardt. This guy went from updates and the overnight shift to selling cars to 660 to SNY. Talk about a comeback story.


Wordless Wednesday...

...in honor of the start college football season...
here's to a former P-Way [YOU KNOW!] star, turned Rutgers walk-on, turned New York Jet (for now)



Although the season premiere of The Hills last night was less-than-impressive, minor leaguer Doug Reinhard is going to get some play. (You know that name, KRoss? Where'd he go to college?)

Usually Lauren Conrad (or LC to those who were there from the beginning) occupies her Friday and Saturday night with fellow socialites; however, this season, she is smitten with a Aberdeen Ironbird. I have to give her props this year for her potential love interest. Even though Doug, brother of "the new girl" Casey from Laguna Beach had a foot in the door, LC can't be blamed for her attraction to him. Minor leaguers have one quality that is very attractive in a man - they are passionate about their profession.

Much like those third and fourth-stringers who made the August roster of an NFL team, the free agents who get in only during the final minutes of a preseason football game. Fighting tooth and nail and sacrificing if only to be named to the practice squad in the fifth week because his body type resembles a particular opponent's, they deserve all the credit in the world. They have passion, a quality that is so many times hard to find.


EXtreme Dating (Mets style)...

Completely unintentional of the later situation, I decided to work from home today. We have a virtual office, which makes it so easy to get as much work done as if I was, indeed, in the office. It was just one of those unmotivated mornings. I had checked my email early and got into a rhythm that just could not be interrupted by a shower. So the email to the boss followed.

It happened to be quite the perfect day to stay at home as the Metropolitans took on the Pirates for a Businessman's special. Although the lack of effort by the bullpen was apparent (again...) I actually missed the three go-ahead runs by the Bucs. You see - I was flipping back and forth to the innovators of reality TV - the dating shows. What was once shown only at like 11pm (they can be quite risque) can now be seen during Verizon Fios' daytime lineup. (Also want to give a shout to my fave reality show of the moment - The Hills, which premieres tonight on MTV at 10pm! Woo hoo!)

Back to the dating shows - a show that 3M turned me on to, EXtreme dating features a very familiar host, especially to those of us who can smell the pigskin in the air right about now. Before she was forecasting the weather on FOX Football Sunday Jillian (Barberie) Reynolds was the quick witted host of this very classy show. Now that I think about it, Julie Alexandria (host of SNY's Beer Money) was also on the entertainment side, hosting the pop culture internet show WallStrip. Now, I'm not implying that these women don't have talent - but what are their true credentials? How do they land these top roles in the sport industry? How many women lost out, how many women with a strong sports knowledge base had no chance, because of the superficial nature of our society? The power to turn heads is often times stronger than the power to lend ears.