Saturday haiku...

sweater, jeans and boots
it's the perfect autumn day
to watch some football


Can I have "it's a small world after all" for $1000?...

You know that commercial where it shows people all over the nation - in the barber shop, at the local sports bar, in their own homes - yelling at the TV - "Marsupial!" only for the contestant to answer "what is a mammal"? Well a similar situation happened tonight. The answer in response to the category "Request" something like "my ring tone to this trio's hit song 'Bootylicious' just keeps me begging to hear the entire thing."

No one knew it. No one even guessed. No thumbs convulsing like crazy. Was there a cricket in the room, I wonder? But it's even more frustrating when you [sort of but not really at all] know the contestant. I was yelling like Edith could hear me - "Destiny's Child! C'mon you knooow this one, Edith! DC - Destiny's Child." I was telepathically unsuccessful at contacting her via the TV. She ended up fairing well, second place. She held her own. I think if she would have connected with me that would have been the turning point. The momentum would have then been in her court and she would be coming back to Alex tomorrow. Oh well. Most people can only hope for 15 minutes of fame and here she is with 22.

P.S. - The missing link here is 3M's former boss, the sports information director at Fordham University. Edith is his wife. Small world, eh?

Twitter me sparkly...

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Is it just me...

...or should the Mets have won the World Series?
A good friend of mine sent me this email response today: "Hey thaanks... At the paradwe! Whop whoopam talkt oy iu soon!"

I was quite jealous. #1 – because she was not at work but having a beer (or two…or three) and #2 – she was at the Phillie's phreakin parade and I was not at the Mets parade instead.

So let me be a good sport here and give a quick shout out to all my friends, colleagues and acquaintances who are basking in the success now of their favorite team (albeit they may have only begun to root for them a mere 72 hours ago). Enjoy it, savor it, wallow in it, if you will. You have finally broken out of the deep dark abyss Joe Carter created for you 15 years ago.

Welcome back!

I am back after quite a long hiatus and I must say – I missed you oh, blog-o-sphere. My pure laziness and lack of discipline has kept us apart.

Rule number one of blogging is consistency and that has been my number one fault. So thanks for checking back in and we’ll be talking soon and often. I promise.