Growing up in Pennsylvania doesn't make it exactly easy to be a Mets fan. Before the days of GameDay on MLB.com, satellite TVs and MLB packages, the only means to tuning in to a New York game was by listening to its flagship station, Sports Radio 66 - The Fan!, WFAN New York. [Did you sing along the jingle as your read the type?] My dad, an avid fan, followed The Fan religiously. At a young age, I didn't quite appreciate talk radio, but maybe the poor reception was to blame.

Where we grew up, there were a lot of farms. And cows. And tractors. And, although I must give props, because the area has been built up quite nicely as of late, the area still is not too susceptible to an AM frequency from the NYC. Still, my father, the faithful, loyal guy he is...would always have 660AM tuned in. Once the static kicked in, he knew exactly where it would break ['Dadddd, this is so annoying, just turn it off!', 'Just wait until we cross the bridge, it get better over there']. He was happy for even 15 seconds of audible air, just to hear the pitch count or who was at bat so he could make an educated guess whether the Mets got out of the previous inning unscathed.

I remember listening to Mike and the Mad Dog with him and learning Chris Russo and Mike Francesa's names at an early age. My dad would always chuckle to himself and say, 'these guys, they're nuts, aren't they.' Of course a rhetorical question referring to the show's pit-bull like rants and tactics. (Here's a random fact - Mike and the Mad Dog averaged 659,000 listeners per week since its debut.)

So, to say the least, the split between Mike and the Mad Dog is a sad one. Sometimes, people have to go their own ways, but in the metropolitan sports world, they will surely be missed.

Also, how bout Mike Phelp's freakin finish [such a sucker for alliteration] in the 100 fly last night?! Wow. And, the funny thing is, when you are an 8 and under, learning the techniques of to complete a finish - you are taught to stretch out, reach and extend - not to take that one last, short stroke.


Quote of the day...

"Yo, I hate those indoor pools. You feel like you are being eaten alive by bacteria when you walk into one. Your flesh will disintegrate in the air in one of those disgusting places." -3M while watching The Today Show interview with Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte this morning.


Ocho cinco...seriously...

Chad Johnson has taken a few preliminary steps to legally change his last name to "Ocho Cinco." This move would allow him to have "Johnson" replaced on the back of his jersey with this numerical nickname. I have to give him credit. He is the king of publicity.

Actually, pointing out a few recent events in football, it would be quite a battle for supremacy of that throne. Between the get-up antics of Sheriff Gonnagetcha (or Dolla Bill, or Dr. Don't Know) of the Washington Redskins' Clinton Portis and the sit-up king of the world Terrell Owens, this could be a fight for the ages.

Surely these acts are carefully calculated, creating quite a circus show for those in the media audience hovering around professional sport, but it then, consequently, brings up the everlasting question in my profession - is any publicity good publicity


Wordless Wednesday...

...Opening Day at Shea...
Mets lose to Phils 5-2
...despite leading 2-0 into seventh, the bullpen could not maintain the lead. little did we know this would be the story of the season...


D means drunk and disgusting

Because of the lewd behavior of unruly Jets fan at Gate D, the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority publicly issued some new rules for Meadowlands football-goers. Those include parking lots only open five hours prior to kick-off, rather than seven and view-blocking banners so that the masses can't partake in the public display of exhibitionism from floors above.

What puzzles me (and no it is not the two hour reduction in pregame partying, c'mon - you're telling me people can't get loaded in five hours?!), is the fact that none of the tenants took this opportunity to condone these new rules. It would have been a great forum for them to reach out to express and emphasize the importance their fans' safety. It would have been a great publicity platform. But then again, what more publicity do you need as a sports team in the metropolitan area...

On a completely separate note, as I began to enter this post, I heard a soft knock on my door. It was my neighbor asking me to come outside. Our backyard is basically a free-for-all parking lot. Our landlord rents out the empty spaces to local workers, as parking can be scarce on the streets. Cars are parked within either three inches of one-another, making you suck in the gut and shimmy into the seat or right behind you, forcing a 17-point turn in order to exit the space without any bumps. Anyway the point of the story is my neighbor called me out to take a look at this one car, which left a small crack in each of its four windows. The crack was just enough for a curious squirrel to sneak in. Ha! Poor lil guy...

And this is what you would get by combining the Gate D antics with the lil guy in the car.


Those women are ripped...

Today (for my birthday) we went out to a company lunch at Asian Star. Top-notch Chinese/Japanese joint - no matter what you order, it's delish!

I found the situation to be quite humorous. Here I am, an American water polo player [semi-retired] who in an Asian restaurant watching the China vs. USA women's water polo game. Funny, no?

What a barnburner it indeed was, Mr. Mescall. The score teetered for the duration of play and a few underwater shots grabbed the attention of my company. My boss, the witty-woman she is made quite a crack, "they should call it the 'kick-cam' ". Gotta love that alliteration.

Another comment came from the table, one that I've heard all too many times. "Those women are ripped...their upper bodies..." Yeah- when you hear that comment and look behind you, chances are its either a.) some sort of water athlete, b.) a shot-putter, or c.) the ninth wonder of the world, aka Chyna-doll.

So now its off to Brother's Restaurant for my bday dinner (calories don't count on birthdays, right?!). If you are ever in the Monmouth County/Red Bank area - stop by. Really. Best thin crust pizza everrrrr. And the ownership isn't all too bad either.

P.S. - In case you were wondering and haven't googled it yet out of anticipation, the US won 12-11! Woo hoo!