Fortunate one...

I am fortunate to have 3M in charge of the "media" decisions of the house. [I guess the term fortunate would be relative. For example, at 10pm on Monday nights when he won't turn over the remote to watch my one guilty pleasure, the one show I long to watch...then it's more of a curse...]

...anyways, if it weren't for him - I would have settled for the Comcast package rather than taking the Verizon Fios one when we moved in [In typical fashion, it's bit of a maverick idea, in the Red Bank area, at least].

I would have missed one of the most important NFL games of the season should we have gone with Comcast. The Jets are traveling up to New England to battle it out for first place in a key AFC East match-up. It's sad so many fans will have no choice but to miss the game.

So - what the heck, NFL network? Stop being such a monopoly. No one really likes that game anyways. It takes too damn long to finish and someone always cheats. Tons of people in the dirty Jerz are upset that they will be missing out on the game. Heck, even US senators are on board with giving the fans more access to their favorite teams!

Will there be any drama tonight, I wonder? Stay tuned: sports, it's the greatest reality show on tv. [Uh, maybe tied for the greatest with the Hills.]